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Restoring 𓆄 Ma'at. Making 𓆎𓅓𓏏𓊖 Kmt the Land of Black People Once Again.

Honoring Ɔbenfo Nana Kamau Kambon (Nana Kwasi Agyeman)

“We need a BLACK PERSON (or many Black people) to start THINKING AND FOCUSING on the ONE IDEA that will give us the ONCE AND FOR ALL SOLUTION TO ALL OF OUR PROBLEMS AND THE NUMBER ONE PROBLEM ON PLANET EARTH!!” – Baba Kamau Kambon, the “Solutionary”

Early bird submission by May 20th, 2024

Abibitumi invites scholars, authors, and professionals from around the world to this call for papers on conference topics.

Introduce your business to Black economic power
The 2nd Annual Abibitumi Conference on Black Power is hereby dedicated to the living legacy of Ɔbenfo Nana Kamau Kambon. As such, in the interest of Black Power, all presentations should be related to our overall goal of Black Liberation. Presenters will focus on their work in  results and accomplishments in this vein and how others can participate in that work and/or replicate those results elsewhere. As such, we invite presenters able to provide insight on thought and practice in the following areas of the Kambondigm including, but not limited to…
  • Psychological/Emotional
  • Culture/Historical
  • Economic (Environment/Resources)
  • Education/Intelligence
  • Health/Physical
  • Spirituality
  • Social
  • Political/Military
The 2nd Historic Abibitumi Conference on Black Power is an integral part of the 26th Annual Sankɔfa Journey. Registrants for the Sankɔfa Journey get the Abibitumi Conference experience at no additional cost.

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Black thought leadership at Abibitumi

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Discover how to invest in or benefit from Black thought leaders ideas, innovations, and implementation sessions.

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Devour Ghanaian and international food from celebrated chefs & vendors.


Acquire rare and unique pieces from Ghana's traditional and modern artists preserving and making culture with art.

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Join in as popular and underground performing artists & entertainers hit the stage for the live concert.

2023 Black Power Conference
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The 2nd Annual Abibitumi Conference on Black Power Awardee Nomination

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