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Sick of conferences that forget about you after you pay your vendor fees?
Tired of not making money when you vend at events where people prefer to browse instead of buy?
Come to the conference where buying Black and shopping are at the center of everything.
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Category Abibitumi Benefits Typical Conference Issues
Competition Vendors selected to provide unique offerings to reduce overlap/competition  10 other people are selling the same thing
Placement Prominent placement ensuring high visibility Stuck in a corner or away from the main event.
Attention Shopping time is not just a break, it’s a core part of the program. Organizers actively incentivize buying, making it a key conference objective. Forgotten presence once you’ve paid your vendor fees.
Audience Engagement Participants are coming and incentivized to shop and meet vendors. Get a target audience that is interested in purchasing. Attendees only want to look, not buy.

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3 Days With Food
$ 150

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$ 60

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  • Prominent position in Festival Area
  • Promotional Commerical run online during Event
  • 2 - 4 weeks Ad run on all conference associated platforms (,,,
  • Live On-site interview
  • 20x20 exclusive marquee
  • (1) white folding table
  • (2) white folding chairs
  • 12 hour Washroom acess
  • 12 hour Water access
  • 24/7 Security Surveillance
  • Individualized event flyer


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